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Great game. Now I'll rip it up for ya. ;-)

I must say that it is very nice to see someone making an adventure game, and a pretty good one at that. I have never bothered to review anything on NG before (in about 5 years of visiting off and on), so good going. ;-)

I have always thought that Flash would be a great way to develop super low budget adventure games. I have started once or twice myself, but never followed through. I have a file lying aorund with working skeleton code and a sample room or two, but never did the content creation. Just so great to see someone doing it.

I just want to explain one or two of the scores I have given the submission:
Graphics 7 - They are actually pretty complex, but on a personal level I don't really like them.
Style 5 - I know what you went for but, again, it is just not want I was looking for. Both of these scores would go up as things get more refined.
Humor - Not sure how to rate this exactly. Adventure games have a good tradition of being full of lame puns and dry wordplay. I love this type of thing. If your game is humorus at all it is in a way I felt didn't really fit the genere. Again, personal taste.

One thing, there have been many adventure games over the years. Some with good controls and some without. These controls left something to be desired. I feel that they would have been greatly improved by leaving the current tool (hand, eye, etc.) active after each click. The way to think about the machine-human interface is as follows: you have 4(!) tools in your game, but only buttons to select 3. (Walk is the missing button.) This means that one tool automatically reslects itself each time the user preforms an action. Imagine how annoying it would have been if it was 'talk' that did so. Just my opinion.

Final note, it hung on my machine when I tried to enter the control room the 2nd time. Seems intermitent. Also, it ran *very* slow. Low quality was playable. My experience with developing complex interactive flash is that this need not have been the case, although it may have required a complete rewrite of your code to fix it up.

Last word: I loved it, keep it coming. Don't be off put by any of my negative-sih comments!

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